Introduction to Cable Gland

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The Cable Gland also called cable connector. Cable laying good, in order to make it a continuous line, each line must be connected as a whole, the connection point is called the cable joints. The cable joint in the middle part of the cable line is called the middle joint, and the cable joint at the end of the line two is called the terminal head. The cable joint is used to lock and fix the line, which has the function of waterproof, dustproof and anti vibration.

Its main role is to make the line open, so that the cable is kept sealed, and to ensure that the cable joint insulation level, so that it is safe and reliable operation. If the seal is bad, not only will spill oil paper and dry, moisture will intrude into the cable, the paper insulation performance.


According to the installation site can be divided into indoor and outdoor two kinds of cable connector.

According to the production of installation materials can be divided into heat shrink (the most commonly used), dry bag, epoxy resin pouring and cold shrink.

According to the core material can be divided into copper power cable head and aluminum core power cable head.

According to the connector material is divided into plastic cable connector and metal cable connector. Metal cable connector is divided into porous metal cable waterproof connector, anti-bending metal cable connector, double locking metal cable waterproof connector, metal hose cable connector, shielded cable connector.