Bellows installation precautions

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Bellows in the fluid pipe application is very much, the bellows can solve the problem of fluid in the pipeline in the thermal expansion and contraction, in a relatively short pipeline, may not see the great role of bellows, but in the entire pipe network, The role of bellows can not be suspected. Pipe network design, calculate the amount of expansion, and then calculate the need for several bellows, and the design of corrugated corrugated shape and other issues.

First, the installation of bellows Note 1, the installation of bellows should be in accordance with the pipeline construction and bellows compensator installation instructions required. 2, the installation of the bellows pipe must be properly guided and fixed in order to make the bellows play a role, so the bellows guide and bellows fixed bracket must be set in strict accordance with the design department of technical information. For corrugated pipe guide, fixed bracket set the principle, please see the "bellows compensator installation guide." 3, bellows compensator with the use of thin-walled stainless steel plate molding, so during transport, lifting and welding should pay attention not to knock, scratches, arc, welding splash and other reasons to corrugate damage. 4, bellows installation should be removed before the bellows and foreign body in the pipeline to ensure the normal movement of the bellows. 5, the flow of the requirements of the bellows compensator should be the direction of the flow of the media to install the arrow. 6, in order to make the bellows in a good working condition, the installation can not use the compensator deformation, including the bellows axial, horizontal, torsion, etc. to adjust the pipe system installation error. 7, after the installation of the bellows, before the operation of the system to remove all the yellow fixed transport screw.

Second, the bellows features: 1, to meet the individual needs of users, the use of buried wall, dark deposited, installed a variety of installation. 2, durable and durable, pipe and pipe joints are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L material, tube protective cover, to ensure safe trial life of more than 70 years. 3, with the compensation line, to avoid earthquakes, building settlement and seasonal changes in the weather caused by gas leakage phenomenon (in 1995, Japan Kobe earthquake record has been shown in the corrugated hose to prevent the advantages of earthquake damage).