Brief introduction of plastic hose

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The main part of the plastic material is made of austenitic stainless steel, which ensures excellent temperature and corrosion resistance of the encapsulated metal hose. The working temperature range of the coated metal hose is very large, which is -196-600 ℃, in the actual use of the process, according to the corrosive pipe medium to select the appropriate stainless steel grades, you can ensure that the corrosion resistance of plastic coated metal hose.
Ring-shaped plastic metal hose is corrugated closed ring-shaped tubular shell, wave and wave from the ring ripple in series. The annular encapsulated metal hose is machined from a seamless pipe or welded pipe. By the processing mode, compared with the spiral corrugated pipe, the length of a single tube is usually shorter.
The plasticized metal hose is made of extremely thin-walled seamless or welded stainless steel plasticized metal hose after high-precision plastic forming. Due to the elastic properties of the encapsulated metal hose profile, the hose has a good softness and fatigue resistance, making it easy to absorb the cyclic load of various motion deformations, especially in piping systems with the ability to compensate for large displacements The