Building electrical knowledge: What are the outdoor cable construction regulations?

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Cable laying before the construction plan, set out the detailed cable table, the table shows each circuit cable model specifications, length, path, the name of the starting device.

Cable before the cable laying the appearance of inspection, and shake the table for insulation testing, and make a record.
Cable installed in place after the uniform specifications of the signs, signs are marked on the cable number, model specifications, path.
Directly laying the cable path selection, should avoid the acid, alkali strong corrosion or stray current electrochemical corrosion seriously affected the lot. Avoid termite damage zone, heat source and vulnerable sections.
Directly laying cable way, should meet the following requirements:
(1) the cable should be laid in the trenches, along the cable length of the upper and lower adjacent side of the shop with a thickness of not less than 100mm of soft soil or sand layer. (2) cover the width of the cable along the full length of the cable ≥ 50mm on both sides of the protection board, it is appropriate to use concrete.
(3) located in the town road and other excavation more frequent place, in the protection board layer with a striking logo.
(4) Located in the suburbs or open space, along the cable path of the line spacing of about 100m, corner or joint parts, should be erected obvious signs or signs.
Directly laying the cable, is strictly prohibited in the underground pipe above or below. Directly laying the cable and the railway, road or street cross, should wear protective tube, and the protection of the road beyond the road, the road on both sides of more than 0.5m.
Directly laying the cable into the structure, in the hole through the wall should be set at the protection of the pipe, and the implementation of water blocking block.