Cmoto: Automotive connector demand burst, these models search volume soared

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The connector, as a key component of current or signal connections, is also an important part of the industrial system. Large aircraft, rockets, small to mobile phones, televisions, connectors are in a variety of different forms, in the circuit or other components between the bridge, bear the role of current or signal connection.

2019 car connector market will be more than 16 billion US dollars

In the automotive industry, with the increase in the application of sensor technology and the gradual penetration of the Internet on the car, the electronic trend of the car more and more obvious, the connector also becomes more important, the demand for the outbreak of the trend.

It is understood that a typical light car has about 1500 connections, and the future will use each car to 600 to 1000 electronic connectors, far greater than the number of today's use. Relevant research data show that from 2009 to 2014, the automotive connector market compound annual growth rate increased by 11%, and reached nearly 12 billion US dollars of the market output value is expected to output value in 2019 more than 16 billion US dollars, and maintain a 7 % Of the compound annual growth rate

And specific to the Chinese market, in the automotive electronics trend, and with the new energy vehicle demand growth, automotive connector market potential is gradually highlighted, the market will maintain a rapid growth. And even the industry has asserted that the car connector has become the fastest growing auto parts market segments.

The search index for these connector models on icmoto soared

According to icmoto-electronic components vertical search platform data monitoring, nearly two months (2016.12.1-2017.2.15), to the automotive connector-based model search volume surge, including JST (Japan), KET (Korea), JAE (Japan).